Bunker dryer can dry cereals, pulses, oilseeds, cereals, a variety of granular products.

Bunker dryer for grain, seeds, cereals, granules

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The bunker dryer provides uniform drying of cereals, legumes, oil crops, cereals, various granular products, etc.


The bunker dryer — this equipment is designed for drying cereals, legumes, oil crops, cereals, and granulated products.


Compared to other types of drying, the convection drying method provides high uniformity of drying while preserving the natural taste of the product.

The bunker into which the product is loaded through the upper tray is penetrated by ducts made of mesh material. Due to this, the heated air is distributed throughout the entire volume of the bunker, ensuring efficient and regular drying.

The bunker dryer design allows you to organize a continuous drying process if the product is fed into the unit through the upper loading hatch using a conveyor and unloaded through the lower hatch to the discharge conveyor.

The capacity of the bunker dryer depends on how much the product moisture should be reduced (the more moisture should be removed from the product, the longer it should be dried, being in the machine).

The bunker dryer allows you to remove an average of 5% moisture per hour of continuous operation. A bucket-belt conveyor can be used for loading into the bunker of the bunker dryer.


  • regular drying products;
  • well thought out air flow system, an accelerated drying process;
  • low energy costs per kilogram of the product obtained;
  • certified equipment.
  • Simultaneous loading, kg до 200 до 500
    Installed power, kW 17 26
    Power supply, V 380 380
    Operating temperature range, ° С 30-90 30-90
    Percentage of moisture removal per hour до 5% до 5%
    Dimentions, mm (LхWхH) 2220*1120*2300 2550*1300*3880
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