Grinder Mixer - a high-tech equipment for mixing and emulsifying viscous and pasty products, various ointments, suspensions, etc.

Chopper – Mixer IC-50, IC-150

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Equipment for intensive grinding, mixing and emulsifying viscous or pasty products could be used in the pharmaceutical industry and in the food, chemical, biological and other industries.

The main units grinder-mixer: bowl, cover, frame, a device turning bowls, vacuum pump, high-speed and low-speed mixer.

Bowl consists of an elliptic cylindrical portion and on which the bottom greyhound agitator blades. Drive slow-speed mixer is on the cover of the equipment. the vacuum pump is located on the frame and connected to the vacuum cup sleeve. For the convenience of unloading has a function perevorachvaniya (rollover), which is carried out by hand with the fixation in several positions.

As an option can be equipped with two-speed motor on the drive, cutting head, frequency converter (allows to adjust the speed of the cutting heads and mixers).

The use of the chopper will significantly reduce product loss, while increasing the quality of the final product and increasing the shelf life. As a result of all these effects shredder - Mixer quickly pay for itself and provide you with a considerable profit.

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