Bulk mixer with dispenser, conveyor and screener

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A set of equipment is designed for automatic dispensing of the main components into the mixer, mixing and dispensing the finished product into a bag (bag), or further transfer, according to the technological process.


The complex is used for the preparation of various multicomponent mixes, consisting of dry, loose, finely dispersed components:

1. Mixes for the food industry: dairy mixes, mixes for ice cream, baby food, bakery and pastry mixes, sport supplement, functional mixes, food additives, flavour mixes, etc.

2. Mixes of pharmaceuticals - preparation of tablet mass, plant-based preparations, etc.

3. Perfumes and cosmetic mixes.

4. Mixes for the chemical industry: household chemicals (washing powders, detergents), plant protection products, anti-parasitic agents, mixes based on PVC, etc.

5. Combined feed, premixes, mixing fish baits.


Complete equipment:

  • Screw loaders for metering components to the mixer;
  • Mixer for loose solids on strain gages;
  • The screw doser of a finished product in a ready container with the hopper.
  • Completion, degree of automation, and performance are adjusted to the requirements of the Customer.

    Operating principle:

    Components of bags, big bags, or other containers are fed into the receiving hoppers of screw conveyors. Each component has a separate conveyor. Conveyor hoppers are equipped with an agitator and a level sensor that monitors product availability in the hopper.

    Conveyors alternately feed the components into the mixer for weighing. A mixer in which the mixing of fine loose components takes place is installed on strain gauges. Strain gauges allow weighing directly in the mixer. For accurate dosing of components, metering conveyors are equipped with a function of smooth fine feed.

    On the controller, the operator sets the dose weight for each component, smooth fine feed for accurate weighing, mixing time and unloading time of the finished product into the doser hopper. For loading into the mixer of medium and micro doses, the complex can be equipped with appropriate additional dosers, as well as a doser of liquid components through the nozzle.

    After the mixing is completed, the product is unloaded into the doser hopper (doser of the finished product), and then into a bag or other container. The metering hopper has a level sensor that monitors the filling of the hopper and, if necessary, overlaps the mixer valve. The dose weight (range) is negotiated when ordering.

    Instead of a screw doser for the finished product in the bag, a screw conveyor with a hopper can be installed—for further product transfer along the processing chain. It is also possible to embed an additional storage hopper.

    All equipment is tightly interconnected. Parts in contact with the product are made of stainless steel.

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