Ribbon mixer with helical screw chetyrehpolosovym very well suited for mixing fine dusting of components including mixing coffee with sugar and cream. Due to the unique design of the mixer the high homogeneity of the mixed components (95-98%) while the mixing time is 5-10 minutes.

Mixer for mixing coffee 3 ​​in 1 (coffee, sugar, cream)

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The principle of mixing:

Mixing is due to four different directions counter flows. Also due to the reverse counter flows are changing. Mixing time and on time reverse rotation is set on the remote control.








 Benefits of our mixers:

  • mixing 95-98% homogeneity;
  • high performance with compact dimensions;
  • stirring is no "dead" zones;
  • convenient dosage discharge from the mixer;
  • availability of programming;
  • grade quality imported components;
  • easy loading and maintenance mixer;
  • if necessary, a possible high-speed turbine equipment to break up the lumps;
  • sealing the mixing chamber, there is no dusting;
  • are certified and hygienic conclusion.

On request, the mixer can be equipped with the injection of liquid components (flavors, oils, dyes).

Liquid is added by spraying through nozzles. The extent and dosage adjusted smoothly.

В  SPP-210 SPP-440 SPP-700 SPP-1040 SPP-1600
Tank capacity, dm3 210 440 700 1040 1600
Loading,dm3 /РєРі (max) 120/105 240/220 400/350 600/520 900/800
Productivity, kg/hour(max) 600 1100 1500 2000 3000
Mixing time, min. 2-10 2-10 4-12 5-15 5-15
Form a working body conveyors, spiral blades (screw type)
The presence of auto-reverse
Stirrer speed can be adjusted by the Customer
installed capacity, kVt 3 4 5,5 7,5 11
Overall dimensions 1,65*0,9*1,7 1,8*1,0*1,8 2,15*1,2*1,8 2,2*1,3*1,9 2,4*1,4*2,0
All parts in contact with product are made of stainless steel food grade.

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