The mixer is designed to make flavors for coffee and tea. Liquid flavors, oils, dyes applied to the product by spraying through a nozzle.

Mixer for tea and coffee blending and flavouring

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Drum mixer is used for:

Rotary-drum mixer is developed for coffee and tea blending, adding flavor additives onto coffee and tea. Liquid flavorants, oils, colorant are applied onto the product by spraying through the nozzle.

Rotary-drum mixer is designed for coffee and tea blending, аs well as uniform application of flavorants, flavor additives onto the product surface.


The mixer for blending and uniform application of flavor additives onto the surface of coffee beans and tea leaves is deigned in a manner that during the mixing, the product does not mess up. There special paddles inside the vessel which carefully mix the product when blending mixer drum rotates.

The additives are applied by means of injection system. The liquid is supplied from the vessel with flavorant to the nozzle due to compressor and is sprayed uniformly and smoothly onto the product by nebulization method; the product itself is in motion inside the mixer vessel.

Liquid additives application system consists of the following:

  • Stainless steel leak-tight vessel with measuring device
  • Nozzles with hoses and valves
  • Needle valve for spray swath adjustment
  • Compressor with pneumatic gear
  • At Customer’s option, the food mixer can be completed with bulk additives vibrobatcher.


  • uniform mixing of product;
  • uniform (dosing) spraying of flavoring components;
  • availability of vessel dumping. Complete unloading;
  • comfortable maintenance and cleaning of mixer;
  • completeness with high-quality and imported components;
  • availability of certificate and sanitary report.
  • The total volume of the drum, l 130 363
    Net volume of the drum, l 30...40 120...150
    Productivity (max), kg/hour 85 200
    Mass of one load, kg 11...15 50...75
    Installed power, kW (max) 0,25 0,45
    Processing time of one load, min 7-10 7-10
    Capacity volume for liquid components, l 2.5
    Voltage 380 380
    Overall dimensions, m 1,23*1,37*1,68 1,6*1,4*2,0
    All parts in contact with the product are made of stainless steel food grade

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