Hammer crusher is used for grinding sugar, food, stone and sea salt, spices, herbs, grains and similar bulk products.

Hammer crusher sugar, salt, spices, etc.

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The mill is intended for fine grinding of bulk ingredients, such as sugar, salt, spices, herbs and grains. The mills is intended for use in food, pharmaceutical, perfumery and cosmetics, and chemical industries.

 The base of the mill’s work mechanism is composed of metal plates (hammers) of durable metal.

 The principle of the mill’s operation is based on product grinding by rotating hammers. After grinding, the product passes through the calibrating grid and falls into the bag, which is fastened to the chopper frame.

 The hammer mill enables high performance in obtaining small and homogeneous fractions of product, and features interchangeable sieves for various fractions of crushed product.

 Desintegrators are another product line in the "Technologist" production scope.


Productivity, kg/hour ≈ 200 - 250 450-600
Fraction`s size*, МК (min) (regulated) 40 40
Volume of the hopper agreed with the Customer
The presence of the valve from the hopper to the shredder
Motor power, kVt 7,5 11
Voltage, V 380 380
Availability of replacement screens, mm 0,5; 0,8; 1,6; 2,5; (3,2 или 3,5)
Overall dimensions (L*W*H), м 0,84х0,6х1,7 1,0х0,8х1,6
Weight, кg 285 450
*The fraction depends on product and productivyty    

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