The company of "technology" is the leader of Ukrainian market for the production of autoclaves, sterilizers. Our company manufactures horizontal and vertical autoclaves are working on a pair of stationary steam generator or boiler room and electrical (Tubular electric heating).

Autoclave for production of canned corn and hemp seeds

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Autoclave Sterilizer, is designed for the preparation of preserved heads: corn, hemp.

To sterilize the corn, hemp, peas, you can use different containers: tin and glass jar, lamister package or packages "doy-pack."

Completion of autoclaves:

  • autoclave with cooling jacket;
  • two baskets to bookmark products;
  • remote control;
  • management system (pressure gauges, thermometers, pressure relief valve).

Automatic control unit provides the entire process of the sterilization cycle: heating to a predetermined temperature for a predetermined sterilization temperature, time and pressure, and cooling process.

For closing banks, our company manufactures automatic and semi-automatic capping machine.

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