Tank equipment designed for mixing liquid, thick masses with the addition of bulk ingredients. It can be used to mix oils, dips, liquid aromatic products, concentrates. Furthermore, it can be used for melting the silicon.

Tank equipment with heating and stirring for liquid and dense products

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The mixer is designed for mixing liquid and dense products.

At the request of the Customer mixer is equipped with a heating jacket product. The maximum heating temperature of 90 (120) c. Time and temperature parameters are set on the control panel and maintained automatically.

Mixing device - frame agitator with scrapers. Agitator - Import. In addition to low-speed frame agitator can install a high-speed impeller for intensive mixing of liquid products with the dry ingredients. Impeller speed - 1500 rev. / Min.

The bottom of the cone mixer, after mixing the whole product is drained through the ball valve. Frame agitator with scrapers follows the shape of vessels and stirred the entire product, not "dead" zones.

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