Horizontal mixer with heating for mixing a very dense products with the addition of bulk ingredients. The machine is equipped with a jacket for heating the product during mixing.

Paddle mixer with heating

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Mixer fitted with paddle, which provide a uniform and high-quality mixing. The gap between the vessel and the blades is adjustable, moreover, the angle adjustable blades. Product loading via a hinged flap. For complete product discharge and maintenance of working capacity mixer design provides for a mechanical tipping. If the product is sufficiently fluid, unloading can be carried out through the drain pipe at the bottom of the product container.

The mixer is equipped with a heating jacket product. Maximum temperature of the product, depending on the coolant (water, oil, steam) could be 95, 120, 140 deg. C.

All parts in contact with the mixer product are made of stainless steel.

It is used for mixing mastyrki, dough and other similar products.

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