Twin-shaft mixer - allows you to efficiently, evenly and in a short period of time mix both bulk components, and there mixes with a large addition of a liquid component, while avoiding sticking or clumping of the product.


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The Technolog Company has developed and launched a new line of twin-shaft mixers for mixing bulk components. The mixing organ was based on a four-band tape auger, which proved to be very good in single-shaft mixers.

Four counter flows occur on each mixer shaft, in addition, two shafts with tape augers carry out three-dimensional movement of the entire mixture. Additionally, due to the multidirectional turns of the belt screw in the upper region of the intersection of the two mixing circuits, an intensive exchange of materials occurs. This design allows high-quality and very fast to achieve high uniformity of mixing. Mixing time of the product no more than 5 minutes. The mixer provides reverse rotation of two mixers, the control panel sets the time of rotation of the mixers in one and the opposite direction, in addition, the total time of one mixing cycle is set.

Product loading takes place through the top hinged lid. Unloading through the lower hatches, opening, which occurs with the help of pneumatic cylinders. All parts in contact with the product are made of stainless steel. We use proven, high-quality drives of well-known companies.

The mixing chamber of the mixer is sealed, the loading lid rubberized in the mixer lid provides a stuffing box with a filter cloth.

Having extensive experience in the manufacture of bulk product mixers, our experts have developed an effective three-level sealing system that prevents dust from entering between the shaft and the mixer body.

The twin-shaft batch mixer can be equipped with an injection system for liquid or thick components. Injection occurs through nozzles by the method of micro-atomization (fog). The degree of atomization can be adjusted.

If necessary, a twin-shaft batch mixer can be equipped with a frequency converter with which you can smoothly set the speed of rotation of the mixers.


  • mixing food bulk components;
  • mixing household chemicals: washing powder with the addition of liquid components, cleaning and detergents;
  • mixing of pharmaceutical preparations, etc.

  • high uniformity of mixing;
  • high productivity, short mixing time;
  • ease of maintenance and cleaning;
  • there are no "dead" zones;
  • the ability to inject a large number of liquid components;
  • the ability to dispense liquid components;
  • mixing process programming;
  • certificate and hygienic conclusion.
  • At the request of the Customer, the mixer can be equipped with loading conveyors (scraper or screw), a metering hopper with load cells that accurately weighs the loaded components. The whole algorithm of the complex’s operation can be automated and programmed on the controller: automatic loading of the product into the weighing hopper, sequential weighing of a given dose of components and unloading of the product from the metering hopper to the mixer, automatic mixing and unloading from the mixer.

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