The screw mixer provides uniform, fast, high-quality mixing of loose, powdery products, and multicomponent mixes. The degree of homogeneity of 98-99% is confirmed by laboratory tests.

Screw mixer

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The screw mixer provides uniform, fast, high-quality mixing of loose, powdery products, and multicomponent mixes. The degree of homogeneity of 98-99% is confirmed by laboratory tests.


The screw mixer is used for mixing a wide range of products and can be used in various sectors of the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and other industries.

Main applications for screw mixers:

1. Mixing food loose components:

  • mixing spices and seasoning;
  • food flavour additives;
  • food concentrates;
  • baby's formula;
  • vegetable and fruit mixes;
  • preparation of powders of herbal tea, coffee drinks (3-in-1);
  • dairy mixes for ice cream;
  • pastry and bakery mixes;
  • mixing dry flakes, muesli, fast food, dry soups;
  • sport supplement, biologically active additives (BAAs).
  • 2. Pharmaceutical mixing:

  • preparation of tablet mass, plant-based preparations;
  • mixing herbs;
  • mixing granular components;
  • 3. Preparation of perfumes and cosmetic mixes;

    4. Mixing chemicals:

  • mixing household chemicals (washing powders, detergents);
  • plant protection products, anti-parasitic agents;
  • preparation of mixes based on PVC, decor-granulates;
  • mixing pigments, PVC resin plastisols, paints;
  • 5. Combined feed preparation:

  • feed for animals and birds;
  • premix mixing;
  • mixing fish bait.

    The mixing of the components occurs due to the opposite multidirectional movement of the flows (four multidirectional flows). In addition, reverse rotation of the belt auger is provided, i.e. all 4 flows change their direction. Due to this, high-quality uniform mixing is achieved in a short time (2-10 minutes).

    The mixer is equipped with a programmer, which sets the cycle of rotation of the belt auger (for a specified time, the belt auger rotates in one direction, then a pause follows, and the rotation begins in the other direction); except for this, the total mixing time is set. If necessary, a high-speed impeller to break up lumps autonomously starts from the control panel.

    Our company has developed a unique system of uniform, dosed injection by spraying (misting) various liquid components, such as oil, dyes, flavors, concentrates. The degree of spraying and dosage is adjusted smoothly.

    In the basic configuration, the mixers are equipped with an unloading sector gate, by which you can regulate the flow of the mixed product into a bag or other container. In the process of unloading, you can open and close the unloading sector gate without stopping the operation of the mixer.


  • Uniformity, homogeneity of mixing the product (96-98%);
  • Short mixing time;
  • High performance with small overall dimensions;
  • There are no “dead zones” in the mixing chamber;
  • Tightness of the mixer;
  • No dusting during mixing;
  • The thought-over system of consolidations of a shaft and bearing assemblies;
  • Сonvenient cleaning of the working area of the mixer;
  • It is possible dosing of liquid components by injection through nozzles;
  • If there are lumps, the mixer is equipped with high-speed impellers to break them;
  • Convenient and fast unloading;
  • Dosage from 1 to 50 kg per bag is possible;
  • Programming the mixing process;
  • Only high quality and proven components and materials are used.

      SPP-210 SPP-440 SPP-700 SPP-1040 SPP-1600 SPP-2500
    Tank capacity, dm3 210 440 700 1040 1600 2500
    Loading,dm3 (max) 120/105 240/220 400/350 600/520 900/800 1400/1250
    Productivity, kg/hour(max) 600 1100 1500 2000 3000 4000
    Mixing time, min 2-10 2-10 4-12 5-15 5-15 5-15
    Form a working body conveyors, spiral blades (screw type)
    The presence of auto-reverse
    Stirrer speed can be adjusted by the Customer
    installed capacity, kVt 3 4 5,5 7,5 11 15
    Overall dimensions, m 1,65*0,9*1,7 1,8*1,0*1,8 2,15*1,2*1,8 2,2*1,3*1,9 2,4*1,4*2,0 3,2*1,4*2,3
    All parts in contact with product are made of stainless steel food grade.

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