The conveyor is designed for lifting of dried foods: seeds, nuts, zamorrozhennyh dumplings and dumplings, macaroni and confectionery minimum fraction to a height of 2 mm to 3400 mm (adjustable ± 100), and download to the Packers, cooking and other equipment.

Inclined conveyor with cross partitions

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Food modular belt made ​​of polypropylene is driven by stars of acetol that unlike rubber, fabric and plastic tapes spanning more durable. Tape is washable, which provides high hygienic design.


    Optional conveyor can:

- Equipped with frequency converter, allowing infinitely variable skrost product feed and change the performance of a wide range;

- Manufactured with the belt width of 200 mm. 300 mm. 400 mm. and 500 mm.;

- Equipped with storage bin with hinged door, shaker drum feeder;

- Made with different angles of inclination (max 50 ° from the horizontal and min 20 °).

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