The mixer is very well suited for mixing and making flavors of coffee, tea, nuts, seeds, crackers, chips.
Metering system allows not only the product but also agitate applied to it and bulk liquid additives (flavors, oils, colorants).

Drum mixer for flavouring agents

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Drum mixer is used for:
  • mixing flakes, muesli, crisp bread, snacks, dry bread crumbs, nuts, chips, granola, etc.;
  • tea and coffee blending;
  • applying liquid (flavors, oils, dyes, food additives) and dry additives (salt, spices, etc.) on the surface of loose products;

    The drum mixer mixes the product thoroughly without damaging it. The product is loaded into the drum, which rotates during the mixing process. There are special blades inside the drum that ensure gentle mixing. The product is unloaded by the method of drum tipping. Additional complete equipment: the system of loose components (salt, spices, food additives, etc.) dosing allows to make dry additives even and gradually (vibratory feeding) during the mixing process on the product surface; the system of liquid additives (oils, flavors, dyes, food additives, etc.) allows applying liquid substances to the product surface evenly, using a spray nozzle. The degree of spraying is regulated smoothly.


    The total volume of the drum, l 130 363
    Net volume of the drum, l 30...40 120...150
    Productivity (max), kg/hour 85 200
    Mass of one load, kg 11...15 50...75
    Installed power, kW (max) 0,25 0,45
    Processing time of one load, min 7-10 7-10
    Capacity volume for liquid components, l 2.5
    Voltage 380 380
    Overall dimensions, m 1,23*1,37*1,68 1,6*1,4*2,0
    All parts in contact with the product are made of stainless steel food grade

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