The company of "technology" produces tunnel dryers, cabinet, bunker, drum types.
For drying tea, herbs, berries, fruits, our company offers a convective drying of tunnel running on steam or electricity. Convection drying method due to uniform air circulation ensures uniform drying, color and high taste.

Drying oven for tea, berries, herbs, vegetables

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Included in unit oven:

  • thermally insulated cabinet;
  • fans for supply and return air 2 piece.
  • duct system and recirculation pipe;
  • the control unit;
  • hygrometer;
  • trolley rails and trays;
  • teplokalorifer (Tubular electric or steam.


At the request of the Customer oven can be equipped with a controller that will:

  • automatically control the process of drying;
  • adjust the intensity of the air flow;
  • automatically reset the air;
  • maintain the temperature at a given time;
  • show the relative humidity in the chamber.


All of the air flow in the chamber and sent individually adjusted for each tray.

Included with the dryer are three trolleys with trays 33 and 48 trays. Useful area trays 13.5 and 28 sq. m.

All parts in contact with product are made of stainless steel of food stamps.

Additionally tunnel kilns, our company manufactures heat chamber compartments.

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All equipment is certified and has a hygienic certificate and a declaration of the quality of the European Union CE mark.

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