Mixers with a stirrer and heating are designed for automatic mixing of liquid, viscous and pasty food, pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetic products are used in the manufacture of various suspensions, emulsions, solutions.

Mixer with heating and stirring for liquid, dense products

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The mixer is a tank made of stainless steel with heat-insulated steam-jacketed conical bottom. At the bottom of the tank for heating the heating elements installed in the water jacket.

Mixing device - removable agitator with scrapers with imported gear motor. Besides the main agitator mixer can be equipped with a high-speed impeller for better mixing of the product, breaking the lumps.

Download the product through a hatch in the lid of the working capacity, discharge - a valve in the bottom of the cone-shaped. When unloading of viscous products, or making the product to another level in the top of the silo outlet is provided with a valve for the compressed air supply.

At the request of the Customer mixer is equipped with a pump for pumping the product pipeline for re-mixing, or for feeding to the next process step.

In addition, the mixer can be equipped with frequency converter to adjust the speed stirrer or impeller.

The mixer is equipped with a control panel, which set the time and temperature parameters of mixing.

smesitel 1230 L
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