Tunnel drying chamber is designed for convection-type drying of the hot layer in the filter.
It is used for drying fish baits, peletsa, granular products, popcorn.

Clothes dryer boilies peletsa, granular products

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Camera Options:

  • thermally insulated cabinet with air ducts and pipe hot air recirculation;
  • two fans (one forcing the other suction;
  • teplokalorifer (electric or steam on request);
  • three carts with runners;
  • mesh trays (33 or 48 pcs.)
  • remote control with humidity sensor programmer.

 At the request of the Customer drying chamber can be equipped with:

  • controller which is automatically set and maintained drying process (air flow rate, temperature, time, humidity);
  • pnevmozadvizhkami relief and air circulation;
  • additional teplogenneratorom for reverse movement of air currents.

BENEFITS OF OUR drying chamber:

  • uniform circulation of air flow and thus uniform drying products;
  • great performance at low energy consumption and overall dimensions;
  • due to availability of trucks is easy to maintain;
  • possible adjustment of flow and vent;
  • the presence of the humidity sensor;
  • the presence of the device management process;
  • can be operated by electric or steam heater;
  • equipment is certified, there is a declaration of the European Union, the Council of Europe.
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