Frying equipment set for a young startup from Croatia

March, 16 2021

Technologist has manufactured and supplied a set of equipment for roasting, cooling and mixing seeds and nuts for a young startup from Croatia.

The set of equipment consisted of drum-type roasting ovens for seeds and nuts, coolers and drum mixers with a system for dosing bulk components.

Drum furnaces with a single load of 70 kg. provide fast, even roasting of seeds and nuts. The frying method is contact-convective. Seeds and nuts are roasted by blowing hot air and contacting with a heated drum. There are blades inside the drum that gently mix the product without injuring it.

Roasting ovens for a Croatian company are additionally equipped with a loading hopper for a single portion of the product, which allows a new batch to be loaded into the drum immediately after the end of frying a batch of raw materials. A top-level sensor is installed in the bunker, which makes it possible to control the filling of the bunker with raw materials, and prevents its overflow. When the raw material is fed by the conveyor, the sensor turns off its operation.

From the hopper, the product enters the frying drum through the feed opening. The basic version of the furnace is equipped with a gate that is opened manually by the operator. In this variant, a special automated damper is provided in the furnaces, the operation of which is controlled from the control panel by pressing a button.

The heating elements are divided into two groups, which gives more options for temperature control and energy saving. Moisture, dust and husks are removed from the drum using a ventilation system.

Drum Roasting Ovens are versatile equipment that allows you to roast large quantities of seeds and nuts. This version is equipped with frequency regulators to adjust the drum rotation speed, which gives even greater maneuverability in working with different products.

After roasting, the product is discharged into a cooler, where it is quickly cooled. The cooler is additionally equipped with a cyclone for collecting dust and husks.

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