After discharge from the frying product must be cooled rapidly to prevent it from overcooking and maintain uniformity of frying. This cooling operation is performed. Cooling takes place in a few minutes due to the intensive blowing air through the product.

Cooler roasted coffee

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Cooler Cleaner is designed to cool the coffee after roasting. Cooling occurs by blowing air through the product.

Exhaust air with impurities husk enters the cyclone. Cyclone comes with a cooler. Cooling time - 10 minutes. During cooling, the product uniformly stirred with a stirrer.
The advantage of the cooler is the fact that the product after frying immediately gets into the cooler, allowing you to quickly and evenly to cool and clean.

After cooling, the product is discharged through the blades onto a conveyor or in a bag.

All parts in contact with product are made of stainless steel of food stamps.

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