Mixer-grinder is designed for grinding, mixing and thermal processing of viscous, paste-like dairy products like cheese products, processed cheeses, creams, pastes, sauces, mayonnaise, whey and other dairy products. Also used for the production of dressings, mayonnaise, ketchup and other viscous products.

Mixer-grinder for the thick masses

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The use of the chopper in the production cycle will reduce product loss, improve the quality of the finished product and to increase its shelf life and the realization that in the end will provide a rapid return of the product. At the request of the customer-grinder mixer can be additionally equipped with:
  •  a vacuum pump for providing a vacuum in the bowl;
  • to supply steam through a nozzle in a working capacity;
  • pump for discharging a particularly viscous products.
Choppers mixers, combining in one unit several activities can successfully be applied in food, chemical, biological and other industries for the processes of crushing, mixing, emulsifying, heating and cooling of viscous and pasty products.
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