Centrifuges - machines designed for the extraction of surface moisture prosola or after washing and remove excess oil after frying process.

Product hydroextracting centrifuge

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Centrifuge is a kind of equipment designed for extraction of surface moisture after saltiness or washing and removal of excessive oil after the frying process.


Batch centrifuge is designed for the following:

  • Hydroextraction after saltiness of seeds, peanut, pistachio, etc.;
  • Moisture extraction after washing of different seeds;
  • Removal of excessive oil after frying the peanut, nuts, seeds, croutons, chips;
  • Hydroextraction of caviar, minced meat after washing.

    The product is loaded by means of conveyer or manually into the centrifuge rotating at slow speed. During the loading, the product is distributed throughout the drum. Single loading is 20-30 kg. After the complete loading the product hydroextraction happens. The moisture comes through mesh drum and is drained via drain connection. Drum rotational speed can be smoothly adjusted from the control panel. Hydroextraction time is 2-5 min. After hydroextraction, automatic braking of drum happens and the product is unloaded by gravity. 

    The centrifuge usage accelerates significantly the process of its further treatment.


    The centrifuge can be additionally completed with product washing system i.e. the product can be washed apart from the hydroextaction in centrifuge.

    Centrifuge operating principle for washing the seeds, nuts, cereals, dried fruits:

    The product is supplied to the drum at low speed for loading where it is uniformly distributed in a thin layer. After that, water is supplied through collector with nozzles under a head; dirty water is drained through the drain connection. Product hydroextraction is automatically switched on after its washing. Then the product being washed and extracted from the surface moisture is unloaded for the further manufacturing process.

    Centrifuge operating principle for saltiness:

    Salty solution is supplied inside the centrifuge for saltiness purposes; by this the centrifuge can be additionally completed with the following:

    Mixer with agitator and heating for preparation of sodium chloride brine

    Imported stainless steel pump for feeding the sodium chloride brine from mixer to nozzles

    System of connection pipelines

    Control panel with digital measuring instrument.

    After saltiness, the excessive sodium chloride brine is hydroextracted and is supplied back to mixer through the filter.

    Wet saltiness of pistachio, peanut, Sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds provides high gustatory qualities of product, no big salt crystals on the product.


    The parts being in contact with product and water are made of food grade stainless steel.

    The equipment is certified, there is CE certificate.

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